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University requirements

To study in Bulgaria, university admission requirements can vary from university to another, but the main requirements to get into high education institution remain the same.

So, before applying , international student must be sure that he has appropriate qualification, finance support, valid passport and that he is good health.

Diploma or high school certificate.

The first requirement or condition to study in institute of higher education in Bulgaria is a Diploma or Certificate proving successful completion of the previous stage of education.

The applicant student should have secured at least 62 % especially in the profile subjects. As a practice the particular university authorities have the right and obligation to choose their students among the best candidates.

Finance secure.

The second requirement to study in Bulgaria is whether the candidate could secure financial support for its education plus cost of living in Bulgaria.
Bulgarian Universities are autonomous and set up the tuition fees for foreign students independently. Depending on the University and the education speciality chosen the tuition fee varies from around 2500 Euro/year to 8000 Euro/year.

This can also vary according to program (undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD).
For those who will attend Bulgarian or English language preparatory course general fee is 1500 Euro to 4000 Euro /year.

Minimum cost of living in Bulgaria for a foreign student, including dormitory at the campus (double share basis), food, transportation and other miscellaneous is in the range of 17000 Euro/year.

Note that the opportunities for self-support through student employment are minimal and generally, Bulgarian government and Bulgarian Universities do not provide any scholarships for foreign students with just a few exceptions for the exchange students.

Good health

The third requirement to be accepted to Bulgarian university study is that the applicant student must be in good health physically, mentally and without contagious disease. This should be proved by a medical certificate.


In order to be accepted to Bulgarian high education study, the applicant must have a valid passport or other travelling document.