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Varna University Of Economics

On the eve of the new millenium University of Economics - Varna celebrated its 80th anniversary.
As an educational institution it is one of the oldest schools of higher education in this country. Established on 14 May 1920 as a Higher School of Commerce, thanks to the vision and generosity of the tradesmen and industrialists of the town of Varna,
with the intellect, detrmination and talent of eminent Bulgarian and foreign scientists, University of Economics - Varna has travelled a long way full of creativity and awareness which gives us all the right to be proud.

Eighty years turned out to be enough to create lasting academic traditions, which uphold and promote its unity, vitality and advancement.

University of Economics - Varna is a cultural institution with a place and style of its own. With all its wealth - both modern and historical, with the power of its academic staff, the University is quickly and successfully adapting to the needs of the country's transition towards a market economy and the connection of science with the global economy.

The global aim of the University is its further development as an educational and research institution and centre for the development of the student's personality.

The University has been working on asserting the achievements that have already been recognized and on gaining new ones in conformity with the European standards and criteria for higher education in the area of economics.

multiplying the achievements in the quality of University activities and maintaining "the brand" of the end-product; keeping its place on the market of educational services; widening the scope of national, regional and international research projects, raising the competitiveness of the University.

A significant influence over the development and the prospects of University of Economics - Varna have its rich educational facilities, the two study buildings, the large number of lecture and seminar halls, the modern student dormitories and refectories, the library featuring over 350 thousand volumes, the well-equipped computer rooms, the University Publishing House, the covered sports complex, the academic rowing centre and many others.

The most valuable capital of the University are its staff.

Throughout its significant 80 years of existence, over 50 thousand higher education degree holders, eminent scientists, entrepreneurs, public figures and politicians have graduated the University of Economics.

We can note with a sense of pride that our students are among the best and in great demand and they have been successful both in this country and abroad.
All major subjects have been accredited, University of Economics - Varna has been awarded the status of an accredited institution. This shows that the University guarantees a high level of higher education, it is adequate to the most progressive trends in the area of science and education.

All this requires that in the following years we all - lecturers, students and administrative personnel - direct our efforts towards the creation of an institution, which would be integrated into the global context, adapted to the rhythm of contemporary life, to the characteristic features of the region and the country itself.

Faculties and Departments

Faculty of Finance and Accounting.
General Economic Theory
Legal Studies

Faculty of Economics

Economics and Management of Construction
Economics and Management of Industry
Economics and Management of Commerce
Commodities Science
Economics of Agriculture

Faculty of Informatics

Mathematical Sciences
Physical Education and Sport

Faculty of Management

Economics and Organization of Tourism
International Economic Relations
Philosophical Sciences