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Medical University of Sofia

Medical university of Sofia is the oldest institution for higher medical study in Bulgaria. Founded in 1917 as a medical faculty of Sofia, it has become Medical Academy with two faculties: medicine and dentistry in 1950.

Today Medical University has leading positions as educational, scientific, and health care institution in Bulgaria and its level corresponds to the world medical standards. High level of theoretical and practical training of students, post-graduate students and specialists is organized according to the requirements of government standards of education and health care politics but with a sufficient academic independence.

Sofia medical University is divided into 4 faculties:

• Faculty of Medicine

• Faculty of Dental Medicine

• Faculty of Pharmacy


At the successful completion of the medical studies in English  in Sofia medical University , the European supplement of the issued diploma is identical to that granted in the Bulgarian language medical program: M.D. (students obtain Medical Doctor's degree).

The possession of that degree enables the holder to practice medicine in EU and EEA countries. The degree also enables the holder to practice medicine all over the world.
Admission criteria to Sofia medical university for international prospective students are in conformity with the Law on Higher Education and Ordinance on the State Requirements in Republic of Bulgaria for Admission of Bulgarian and Foreign Students.

To be admitted to Sofia medical university, the prospective applicants must:

Have completed secondary education which enables them to continue their studies in higher institutions and universities in the country in which the secondary education had been completed;
For those applicants who are interested in the Programmes of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy, have studied Biology and Chemistry subjects in the secondary school: average marks in Biology and Chemistry subjects from secondary education must be not less than 62% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respected country.

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For those applicants for the Programmes of Nursing and Midwifery of the Faculty of Public Health and the Programmes of Assistant-pharmacist, Public Health Inspector, X-ray Laboratory Assistant, Physiotherapy Assistant, Medical Laboratory Assistant, and Technical Dental Assistant etc.Have studied Biology subject in secondary school: the mark in Biology from secondary education must be not less than 62% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respected country.

The international applicants who speak Bulgarian language (and who do not have a document certifying proficiency in Bulgarian and issued by a higher institution in the Republic of Bulgaria) pass an examination according to synopsis of the Department of Foreign languages, Communication and Sport before the beginning of the school year and upon successful passing of this examination, register directly for his/her program of interest.

Medical University of Sofia offers Preparatory language courses in Bulgarian language and in English including Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology.
After successfully completion of English or Bulgarian Preparatory language courses, the student is automatically admitted to the University.

Sofia medical university transfer students.

Medical University of Sofia welcomes applications from students seeking to transfer from other accredited medical universities.

Students transferred from other universities that have different curricula can continue studying at Medical University of Sofia on condition that they make up for all the outstanding work (study the courses from previous years that have not been recognized or ever taken and sit for examinations in these courses against payment of the instituted administrative fees and in compliance with the developed schedule by the relevant Faculty).

The final decision on which course year the student would be registered at the University is taken on the basis of the Medical University of Sofia curriculum in the relevant program.

The Medical student who transfers to the Medical University of Sofia must submit, in addition to the documents required for admission, a transcript issued by the respective University containing the workload of the subjects studied, examination results and credits got.


Program Course Tuitıon Fee Per Year
Medicine In English Language (6 Years)  9000 € / Year
Medicine In Bulgarian Language (6 Years)  7000 € / Year
Dental Medicine In English Language (6 Years)  9000 € / Year
Dental Medicine In Bulgarian Language (6 Years)  7000 € / Year
Pharmacy In English Language (5 Years)  8000 € / Year
Pharmacy In Bulgarian Language (5 Years)  7000 € / Year
Preparatory Course In English (1 Year)  4800 € / Year
Preparatory Course In Bulgarian(1 Year)  3700 € / Year
Professional Bachelor In Bulgarian  3000 € / Year