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European Polytechnic University


The European Polytechnical University is a multinational centre of interaction between contemporary tuition, scientific research activities and innovations, and academic and business co-operation.
The University personalizes the relationship with its students and doctoral students.
Complies with their individual abilities and preferences and prepares them for professional realization in the market environment of the dynamically changing world.

The University adheres to the philosophy of sustainable development and its priority values are:

  1. European traditions and standards combined with American pragmatism of higher education.
  2. Development of the academic science within the profile of the University, oriented towards practices and needs of the international and Bulgarian business.
  3. International character of higher education as a means of achievement and maintenance of high quality.
  4. International academic staff of scientists and developers from foreign universities and international academies.
  5. Teaching of contemporary academic contents, harmonized with the European and American context.
  6. Tuition in avant-garde professional environment and assessment of the students by contemporary methods.
  7. Development of the personal qualities of the students and PhD students in order to achieve the maximum of their intellectual potential.
  8. Encouragement of students’ initiative, development of habits for continuous self-improvement and skills for self-learning, acquiring 'portable' knowledge, key competencies and skills.

Faculties :

Civil Engineering
Applied Computer Science
Computer Systems & Networks
Green Energetics

Tuition Fee:

• All excellent students study FREE of any charges.
• All the taxes shown in the table below are for one semester.



EPU provides scholarship/bonus system to award students based on their Grade Point Average achieved in the previous academic year: