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Application deadline

Application deadline to university study in Bulgaria vary from University to another, study profile and the origin of the applicant student.

In general, applicants for preparatory language courses (in Bulgarian or English) submit application documents by September 30th of the respective year.

The deadline for applicant students interested in direct studying in English, Bulgarian or other language without undergoing preparatory year can depends on universities, programmes and origin of applicant.

European Union member applicants and those with dual citizenship (one of which is Bulgarian) submit application documents:

    1. For programmes in Bulgarian: by the middle of September of the respective year,
    2. For programmes in English by September 30th of the respective year,

European Union member applicants and those who do not have dual citizenship submit application documents by middle of July of the respective year for English or Bulgarian programmes.

It is recommended to apply earlier. Especially those who would like to use our service, we recommend them to prepare the application file as soon as possible. In fact if any information or document is missing, you will have time to complete your file.

According to the Higher Education Act, each higher education establishment is an autonomous institution and may adopt its own requirements concerning application documents and deadlines. Also, the application deadline can be shortened if the number of students required is achieved.