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New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University

is a private university based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. NBU is the first private university in Bulgaria and among the top rated by Bulgarian business universities in the country.As of 2004, the university had 7,551 current students and 3,201 graduates.The university's campus is in the Ovcha kupel municipality in western Sofia and consists of two main buildings. NBU has its own academic libraryand offers 37 bachelor's, 69 master's and 26 PhD programmes.


NBU was established on 18 September 1991 by Bogdan Bogdanov and a group of Bulgarian intellectuals with a resolution by Bulgarian Parliament.

The main goal was creating an institution to modernise Bulgarian higher education yet preserve its traditions, 2,500 students were welcomed during the first year.

A test of general education was introduced in 1995 and established as a uniform standard for the reception of students in 1996.
NBU educational museum was founded on April 23, 2010. The first exhibition was “Museum Network Resources”. It was the final stage of the project "Educational Museum at New Bulgarian University”.

The project was funded by the National Fund for Research at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, the Cultural Heritage (study on national historic and culture legacy as a part of European culture heritage and advanced methods for preserving).


All Faculties 3000 € / Year 2700 € / Year
4 Years 3000 € / Years
2 Years 3500 € / year
Architect 3000 € / Year
  4 Years 3000 € / Years
5.5 Years