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Application documents

Application documents or required documents to get into Bulgarian universities or high education institutes must be prepared carefully taking in account that the admission is based on the application file selection, without any further test.

List of required documents to apply to Bulgarian university:

  1. A completed Application form where the proficiency level of the applicant in Bulgarian language or other language of study has to be explicitly specified.
  2. A validated copy and a certified translation of the applicant’s diploma of secondary education including a supplement specifying the period of attendance and the grades in different subjects. Applicants for Master’s degree courses should present a validated copy and a certified translation of a diploma of higher education (Bachelor’s or Master’s) accompanied by a Transcript of Records.
  3. A document issued by a competent body certifying the applicant’s eligibility to continue his/her studies in higher educational institutions in the country in which he/she has completed his/her secondary education.
  4. A medical certificate issued not earlier than one month before the application procedure, validated by the respective authorities in the applicant’s country;
  5. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport /identity card with the name legibly written in Latin alphabet and indicating the place and date of birth. Applicants with dual citizenship should also provide photocopies of their Bulgarian identity card/passport. Whenever there is a difference between the names on the two identity cards or passports, the applicant must also provide a notarized declaration of identity (or a certificate issued by the respective municipal authorities) stating that the different names belong to one and the same person.
  6. Four recent photographs of the applicant.
  7. Certificate of English (one of the following or their equivalent: TOEFL 550, ILTS 6.0 or Cambridge First Certificate), French or Germany proficiency for those wishing to study in international language. Note that if you are from English (French or Germany) speaking country or you have good command of the language and you do not have international recognised certificate, you can seat for a test on your arrival at Bulgarian high education institution.

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It should be noted that:

The documents stated above must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized according to the intergovernmental agreements.

If such agreements do not exist, the documents must be validated, translated and legalized according to the standard procedures for legalization (Apostille).

According to the Higher Education Act, each higher education establishment is an autonomous institution and may adopt its own requirements concerning application documents and deadlines.