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University Admission

University admission in Bulgaria or  higher education admission in Bulgaria, international student must have qualification required for the level his applying for.

The required documents for application to Bulgarian universities must be prepared careful following the criteria, deadline and all university application guidelines.

Prospective International students are welcome to apply to study in Bulgaria. Bulgarian universities have culture of receiving international students from years.

Although during the communist time most international students were attracted mainly by Bulgarian scholarships, today most international students appreciate to study in Bulgaria.

  • Study in Bulgaria combine good quality of education but also of safe and  friendly environment.
  • Also they have cheap  tuition fees and cost of live, system of education centred on practice,  English, Germany and French or Bulgarian programs.
  • Diplomas recognised in all EU countries and beyond .

Note that almost all Bulgarian Universities organise Bulgarian preparatory course, some of them organise also English preparatory course for International students wishing to study in English.

Prospective International students who apply to Bulgarian High education can apply as a new students or Transfer students  (transfer credit).
New students are those who would like to start the whole program (Bachelor, Master or PHD) in Bulgarian High education institution

Application and Admission for high school diploma student:

International students with a high school diploma can apply to any University in Bulgaria.  The university admission is based on the specific courses taken in high school or International baccalaureate (pre-requisites), the obtained grades and, for some competitive programs, a supplementary application that may include items such as a resume, personal statement, or reference letters.

All this must be with personal documents such us copy of passport, birth certificate etc.

Students may or may not receive transfer credit for the university courses on their transcript when they arrive at the new institution. But, students find that even when they can’t receive credit for past work, retaking a course at the new school often results in higher grades or better understanding, both of which are helpful in their new program of study.

Note that it is more easy to transfer from Universities in European Economical Area to Bulgarian University that from other countries.  The prosper student must prepare all application required documents and add the university records (academic results with practical and theoretical hours for each subject).

Application and Admission for university transfer student:

Student has completed the equivalent at least of one year’s study at any accredited international university, can be admitted to Bulgarian universities as transfer student.

University transfer requests will be evaluated based on the student’s university transcripts (ECTS: European Credits Transfer System) and space available in the requested program at the new university.
Some university programs are highly selective and competitive, and places may be limited.  Other programs may be rigidly structured so that even transfer students may have to go back and start at the beginning of the new program or at least loose one year.

Most of Bulgarian Universities enrol a considerable number of transfer students into the bachelor or Master programs. Transfer students bring with them a diversity of background and experiences that enrich Bulgarian university communities tremendously. Most transfer students are coming for medical studies.

Today, most of International students in Bulgarian Universities are from UK, US, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Iran etc.